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SPA is proud to announce that the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) has honored our President, Claudia G. Coles, with their 2024 Harvey W. Wiley Award for her years of commitment to food safety and science-based oversight. More information


As a technical trade organization, Seafood Products Association (SPA) serves members in the areas of regulatory compliance and conformance with customer requirements related to food safety, quality, and legality. SPA is an internationally recognized thermal processing authority. Our services and expertise have grown to accommodate member needs in the areas of sensory analysis, food safety (including HACCP), quality, defense, audit assistance, processing and educational programs. SPA also administers the Salmon Control Plan - a voluntary cooperative agreement between member salmon canners, the Food and Drug Administration and SPA - to ensure both safety and quality of canned salmon. SPA offers proprietary and non-members services through its wholly owned subsidiary, Seafood Consulting Services, Inc. (SCSI)/Food Consulting Services. 


Seafood Products Association was originally established in Seattle in 1919 as the Northwest Research Laboratory of National Canners Association (NCA). The laboratory supported the national and regional seafood safety and processing concerns of member companies. The Northwest Laboratory’s primary function was creation and administration of the Plan of Better Salmon Control (now the Salmon Control Plan), a cooperative agreement between canned salmon processors, the FDA, and NCA. Through the years, National Canners Association transformed into National Food Processors Association (NFPA) in 1978, Food Products Association (FPA) in 2005, and in 2007 merged with Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). In 2008, the Seattle laboratory became an independent trade association, Seafood Products Association (SPA). SPA continues to serve its members with over 100 years providing technical assistance. 

Click on the photo below to see an article about Salmon Control Plan examinations, as featured on NPR